What to do if: You are involved in an accident

Today, I learn that accident could happen any time, any where. It might not be due to our carelessness, but a result of other person's carelessness.

Just like any other normal day, we were heading for a meeting in Kepong, the car I was in rammed the car in front... Due to the impact, the car swing and face against the traffic flow.

No words can describe how grateful was i that the other car nor ours were not rammed by other passing by cars, that no one is injured.

This is a first. The sound of the car got hit. The thoughts that go through my mind. The scenes of the moments are still on replay.

How our action might lead and affect other people's life.

Update: What to do when you are involved in an accident!

Some information that I gathered, after it happened.

The driver and I were a first timer in involving in a serious accident and, coincidentally the other party too. We had no idea what are the next step to be taken. We were practically clueless on a highway with two cars that are both not fit to be driven. Till those tow truck fella come and offer their services.. I'm pretty sure that you are familiar with that scene.

This is just a rough guide okay? I just intend to create an awareness so that you do not feel scared/run around like a headless chicken/being taken advantage of when it happens. You may never know.

There are TWO situations:

So, when it happens, STAY CALM and TAKE PICTURES of the scene. Include number plates, panorama view and close up of the scene. Important as it serves as an evidence!

i) Car with minor knocks and dents
If it's a minor one with estimation cost of below RM1k, perhaps you and the other party could consider settling between yourselves. Reason being if you/other party were to launch a police report, it will result in being fine of RM300 and reducing your NCB (This is something related to a discount given to you when paying your yearly car insurance)

When both mutually agree, it is better to write it down and acknowledged by both parties. Include car number plate, both parties' particulars.

ii) Car with major damage
When the car is unable to move, contact your car insurance hotline for the tow truck and they will do the necessary. The flow would be tow truck come > tow to the police station > make a police report > take pictures > tow to workshop. The operator would know which workshop as our car insurance have the panel workshops. Remember to pick the one near to your house or office, for your convenience.

Okay, what's the difference between those random tow trucks and your car insurance panel tow trucks? Those random tow trucks are probably seeking opportunity to earn from the situation. It is possible they have an agreement with the workshop they mentioned "panel insurance workshop", instead send to another workshop where the spare parts used are a recon or a lower quality one. You wouldn't know.

Additionally, if the other party don't know what to do, advise the same. Call their own car insurance hotline.

I find this quite useful, just in case.



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