2016: The Year of Going Places

Like everyone else who are doing their 2016's reflection, I also took my time to scroll over my Google Photos to recall what I've done through out the year. Yup, it's the best tool to retrieve the memories. Thanks, technology.

And, it comes to my mind that, I'm all over the place almost every single month.


Found a place so blue and green in *coughPerakcough*. We are working out something here. 
Hoping things to go well in 2017.


Went to Taman Pertanian Shah Alam for a cousin cycling day.


Attended a high school friend's wedding with a theme to adhere to, which is Great Gatsby. 
Thanks cousin for crafting the head gear for me!


Went for a short tip to Dusun. Pretty place.

Went for a work trip alone to Kuching. 
I lugged 10 packets of Kolok mee back to KL. Hahaha crazy or not? It was so heavy.
FYI: Kuching town was the time where I sat my first plane ride, back when I was 12 years old.

Finally, a wedding in our family. So, here's all the cousins and their plus ones.


A very gungho 2 days 1 night trip up north to Penang.
My first time on the second link bridge to Penang. Blue seas.
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A staycation in Concorde Hotel, organised by the Company in conjunction with internal training.

An enlightenment trip to Orang Utan Rehabilitation Center at Bukit Merah.
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A pampered trip with the uncles and aunties at Kukup fishing Village. Pampered because all meals ready and all you need to do is eat, play, sleep, repeat.
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Birthday buffet treat at Shangri La Hotel.
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Hiking up to Bukit Saga and Ah Pek Hill with dad.
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Celebrating the second cousin who is getting married.
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Testing our photography skills in Putrajaya till someone phone fell and got its' screen cracked.
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The second cousin got married.

The week after that, we head to Sg Lembing for another family trip.
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Went for a work trip to Kuala Terengganu.
Like the surrounding. Imagine bright blue skies with coconut trees around instead of skyscrapers. 
Wish I had the time to explore around. *AddsIntoWishList*


Went to Singapore's Universal Studio despite the high currency exchange. Hahaha nevertheless, it was fun!

Went scouting up north to discover places such as Ban Pecah and Kuala Gula.
Paddy field near the sea. Such a sight.


Went to Penang for a day worktrip.
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Got myself in a Police Station, due to an accident.
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And, end my 2016 at a hidden bar with a KL tower view.
Quiet, just the way I want it to be.

That sums up pretty much of my 2016. All over the place right?



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