My First: Eyelash Extension

Peek-a-boo! I hope you don't get any nightmares on those pair of eyes tonight.. You know, peering at you at the far end corner of your bed.. tehehe

Hahaha pardon this picture, but it's the closet for me to show you the eyelash extension. 
#NoShame #ThatsAPimpleThere

By the way, this eyelash situation at home currently, got me be like.. well, imagine an old grandma with her spectacles on at the tip of her nose. #BecauseEyelashTooLong #MmgCariPasal

Online bloggers/influencers have been giving good reviews on eyelashes for being real convenient whereby, you do not need put mascara daily, you don't need draw eye liner.

So, since the festive season is like approaching soon.. and cousins are interested to try too. We bought Groupon voucher (for 60 pcs eyelash per pair of eyes) to experience the #TaiTaiLifestyle #WantDoButWantCheap (To be honest, we rarely indulge on all these kind of things.)

So, the process was easy. You select the type of curl, the length and the thickness. Mine was C type (the more drama look the better) , 0.09mm & 0.11mm length and 0.15mm thickness. (I hope didn't get this wrong)

The ladies will help you glue those fake ones on your real ones and let the glue for probably 10 to 15 minutes to set. And, you are ready to go.

Not sure if you can see the difference with my eyes open in a picture. But, definitely fuller when I close my eye.


Eyelash Count as at 15th January 2017 (10:46pm):  left eye (26 pcs) + right eye (30pcs)

Hahaha #MajorFailureinTaiTaiWannabe One fell off upon reaching home after the session. The other three fell off after a night sleep. #Depressed #IHopeTheresNoBaldSpotDuringCNY

I asked the cousins and they too faced the same thing. And, we have been really carefully in washing our face, making sure we didn't touch 'em lashes yo or have contact with oil based products. #SoStressSOSTRESS

Hahahaha now, I'm just going to hang in there till CNY. Hang in there lashes, don't fall, don't FALL!

And, no more next time! I'm going back to mascara and eyeliner if I need 'em.

Status update:
Eyelash Count as at 16th January 2017 (08:30am):  left eye (1 bald spot) + right eye (2 bald spot)

That morning, I woke up feeling angry after seeing my eyelash. I contacted the saloon and they offered to touch up for free. Thank god.



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