Instax Share SP2

Purchasing this darling made me hit my 2017's splurge quota. And, it's only the second month of the year. *gasp to the thoughts of no more splurging* 

Anyway, a warm welcome to Instax Share SP2! *pops confetti*

#TheTruth is my Instax Mini 8 is totally unreliable. Sometimes it goes overexposed or, it goes all dark, worst the pictures comes out unfocused. I wasted lots of film in order to test the modes, making sure I'm using it the correct way. But, nope..

I bought it back in 2013, during my trip to Bangkok. I've always liked the concept of it allowing us to have a physical copy of the memories instead of, the usual digital ones.

Remember we used the film camera back in the 90s? It gives that good feeling recalling things while flipping through the album. I enjoy doing so, even back then when I was a kid.

Yup, so that was why I got myself a replacement. Not because I wanted another ok?

It took me awhile to decide on this. I was contemplating between another Instax Camera or this Printer. And, here are some of my key considerations:

With Instax Share SP 2
X no more additional weight in my bag Yay, to small bags. I can print them when I'm home.
X no more uncertainty in the photo outcome Yay, to no wastage of film. The films aren't that cheap yo
O have digital and physical copy of the memories Yay, no need to take picture two times
O able to edit the memories Yay, can make sure it is at the centre and remove that pimple first! 

Hai, darling printer

If you noticed in the picture above, the Instax Printer also allows you to print from your social media, which I feel it's quite cool.

I scouted for quite some time to get the best deals for the printer. I mean, every cent counts la. I scouted in for the longest time, filtering the best dealers, filtering the price and the free gifts. And, I found the one! But, contemplated for a few weeks. Serve me right, that once I decided to buy, the deal was no longer there. *heartbroken* till I found another seller in Facebook selling at RM750 with two boxes of normal Instax film. It's quite a good deal la as it was retailing at RM848 in the shops currently and no free gifts. And, he delivers it really fast. It's a good thing because I was excited for my new toy.

If you're interested to get one, I tagged him in my Instagram. Just look for the exact picture above. 



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