My First: Hair Perm

What's with all the first? Ann tam want be pretty =P #2017NonExistenceResolution #GirlsBeingGirls

By the way, just an update on the eyelashes. It's all gone even before Chinese New Year Eve. Lol. There are some eyelash championed and stayed on, but it looks kind of weird. It is as if I have some stray bulu that grew out of proportion. So, I just kinda rubbed till it drop off. Girls, this is not advisable, if not done carefully, your original bulu mata also will dropped off. Really. Not joking.

Anyway, back to the hair perm story. I've never permed my hair before. That is like 2x (I guess, age should be kept secret now. lol The number is big now) of my years of life. The only chemical hair treatment I've done so far is colouring 'em hair in to different colours, which I have decided to stop doing so. Which, if you noticed, it's black now. Had enough of the black roots issue!

But, girls being girls. Always want to do something and have changes. HAHAHA. I have a flat top and a frizzy bottom hair, which annoys me, hence I thought let's blow it up by perm em' hair. Besides, curly/wavy long bob looks like a trend to me now.

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So, after some research, I noted that there are two kinds of perms namely digital perm and cold perm. The online reviews were all prone to digital perm for it being more natural looking, instead of stiff despite slightly pricey.

Come to the actual day, it was Chinese New Year Eve (My office was already close), I decided to drop by the saloon and be their last customer for the year. The slight guilt where they were fidgeting while waiting for my hair to be done before they close their shop. lolol. While doing the hair, I found out they were doing cold perm for me. Hahaha my heart nearly stop beating for fearing my hair will look like those aunties, but he said its the most suitable method for me as my hair is short. Well, at that point, let's just leave it to the professional. I left the saloon paying lesser than as I expected, because cold perms are cheaper and my hair was saloon blown. So, this means I can't actually see the real effect till I wash my hair.

The saloon blown hair is not what I've imagined it to be. *slight disappointment*

So, the very next day, the first day of CNY, I stood in front of the mirror and restyled my hair for a good one hour. Changed to middle parting and recurl my hair.

Result. Much more better.

So, come the time where I wash my hair and the actual perm comes to surface. Its quite curly and wavy that I've not actually go out with it, without using the curling thong. Or, is that how you girls are living with?

Now my preparation time out increased by 30 minutes. *much more effort needed to go out* lolol.



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