Moving up North

Yay, a public holiday on a Saturday that finally benefits me. Started my day with a walk, followed by breakfast at a new coffee shop that we have not been to before and the usual weekly grocery shopping. Now that it's raining outside, I will just write something here.

It has been close to four months that we've been staying up north and if you're wondering where.. All I could tell you is.. Northern of Perak. (Guess this would help smaller your scale :P)

If your next question is why.. All I could tell you is NOT because either one of us got a great job offer here. (Guess this would make you less curious :P)

Here is where #NalaNgtheGolden resides. 

On mornings and sometimes evenings, she gets to run freely on grass and water puddles and chasing birds. What amuse us is that in between her much enjoyable chase, she did stop awhile to look for us, checking if we did leave her behind. #YesAnnisdoinghermorningwalksdaily #Hellohealthierlifestyle

Five minutes away from the place I am staying. #MyNewWorkPlace

Sunset view at #MyNewWorkPlace

My new job is a whole new thing for me, but am fortunate that the people around are willing to share and guide. #StillLearning

At the place where we stay, there are times were the trees bloomed like Japan's sakura.

Moving out to a place on our own brings many roles into life. Chef Ann was one of it.

It's quite challenging given that the menu is decided based on ingredient that was bought during the weekends and sometimes you just lack of that very one ingredient to prepare that dish and unable to buy them, because town is like 30 minutes away from home. #HeresWhereYouNeedCreativeJuice

Three course Chinese dinner.

Mee Hoon Kueh

Given chef Ann has zero hands on experience in Asian cooking, these four months we survived. #ThanksGoogleforTheRecipes 

Just that Chef Ann now should learn to identify fishes and remember the vegetables pricing. #IOnlyKnowWhitePomfret 

Cleaner Soon and Ann also comes into action. Given the house has another inhabitant called #NalaNgtheGolden, our chores got even more challenging. #FurAllOver #PeeinTheHouseifShesUnhappy

Laundry Ann. Handyman Soon. Gardener Soon and Ann. The never ending roles.. but greatly assisted by technologies. #ThanksVacuum #ThanksWashingMachine #Thisblogpostisturningintoanappreciationpost #Noideahowdidtheoldendayppldotheirhousework

As time pass, we work better as a team and the house now is much better order than it was before. Hahaha it ain't easy, but if both parties are willing to improvise the situation, all problems can be resolved.

How time flies, we are now in September 2017. Are your achievements for the year in track?



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