It's been awhile since we last joined a marathon. Last time, damn gung-ho want to join all sorts of marathon. After awhile we realized, it's kinda "mahal", where all we got are like dri-fit t-shirts, certificates and medals that ended up being our house clothes and laying in the drawers. 

Anyone having the same thought too?

Anyway, yesterday was Nala's first Pawathon run ever! Since it's an animal shelter that is organizing it, I would be more then glad to spend the money to participate. 

How did our day went?

Since it was held in Straits Quay, Penang, we had to start our journey early in the morning! It's like a road trip. Looks who is dominating the front passenger seat!

There are times that the passenger seat belt sign went off. =.=  Case of a typical fat lump

We reached there 20 minutes before the run. Collected the race kit and get changed. Was amazed with the number of dogs all at the same place. *screams* I heard this mall is a dog-friendly mall? Is it true?

 This was moments before the run. Both of them all geared up and ready.

And, the run started without us knowing. Hahaha although Nala is only 8 months old but she is placed in the large breed category due to her size. Large breed category runs first as their distance are longer. So, when they started, we couldn't really hear clearly.. but see that the larger dogs started running, we also just run lah!

While they run, I admired the Straits Quay. Hahaha..

 20 minutes later, both of them are back! Running 3km in 20 minutes. I am impressed.

 Nala got 4th place!

She earned her treats! If she got the 1st prize, she could have earned her one month meal. 

Not to forget to mentioned that we are quite spoilt with all the goodies provided in the race kits. There were few packets of treats, a pink collar, and a customised dog tag (Nala's name, owner's contact number and name). Seriously not expecting this, but I think the sponsors are really generous.

 Happy Nala.

The face that says I-stole-your-seat-and-your-partner

 K.O. Nala

#NalaNgtheGolden was busy giving hugs to random people and super like it when they pat her. Just like a cat, lean at your legs, asking for more head rubs. *smacksforehead* I guess she's not guard dog potential. But, there was one scene that melts my heart, when a shy little girl wanted to touch her, and this Nala somehow know how to be more gentle. #proudpawrent

Nevertheless, we enjoyed this run with Nala and meeting other pawrents.

Next year we will be back! #Pawathon2018



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