Mureungdowon Restaurant

Korean food!

This year Korean food plays a MAJOR role in my find menu. The kimchis, the paejons, the bibimbaps. Ahhh *drool over keyboard*

Last year was Japanese food frenzy. Wonder what will next year's be? :X

Haha anyway brought my special lady to dine in a proper Korean bbq restaurant. Authentic. I like.

The one in the right is the pork belly.

I tell you, it's super satisfying can die. But do note that the meat has fatsssss. Blissful. Cause when its bbq'd its crispy!

And and the side dishes are real.

Finally. No sausages as side dish. *recalls dining in some ciplak restaurant*


If you are an inexperienced Korean bbq eater, fear not as they will assist you.

*recalls epic failure of sukiyaki*


Us. Her first and my countless time of Korean bbq ing. Super sei lui bao right?

Anyway you got to try here if you feel like spending in good food.

This meal is on me. Half price of the menu thanks to

Now you can't get this deal jor. Ngek

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