Don't panic if you've noticed that my archives are only left with 4 blog post.. Including this blog post.

It was intended to be like this. But, never thought it would happen. Haha if you get me.

Sorry it's my fault that you can no longer stalk my past stories.

Hahaha blame my ocd-ness.

My currently smart phone is synchronized with my Google account. Thus the blog picturesssss are all in my phone.

Damn i feel so disorganized. *starts deleting* not knowing they are synchronize-ing..

Phone smart, user not so smart.

And all post with pictures are left with black box with question mark.

Unable to stand the imperfection, thus deleting them would make my mind in peace.

Okay crap. I do sound like I'm in critical stage of ocd.

Actually there are a few reasons also. Just that today my phone made my dream came true. Haha... Damn. A bit heavy hearted to delete all 400+ post which dated as early as 04/05/2008.

Going through them made me felt i have changed in the way i think and handle things..


Haha since you won't be able to stalked me in detail.. I prepared you two combined pictures of the 400+ posts you have missed. Hahaha kidding le wei..

Can't look back. Cant refer. That memory will fade soon.
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~hurt~ said...

Hahahaha. Good also. New starts~~

Swee Ann said...

funny oh. your big day i have new start. grrr

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