Road trip to 2 states

I like roadtrips. Do you?

I like my journey to start early in the morning when the sun is not up yet. Sitting at the backseat with my hoodies on... Staring outside the windows... Looking at the stars and misty highways.

It feels nice.. Macam go adventure.

Sat for 2 hours staring at the sun riding slowly... Finally reached the land of awesome dimsum.

This is at Ming Court Hong Kong Tim Sum Restaurant. (opposite the super famous also dim sum restaurant, Foh San Restaurant)

According to food bloggers, these are some of their "jiu pai choy". Can't agree further especially the "hak ji ma wu."

Three of us had 16 plates that sums up around RM55. Daddy said cheap. #ohmanshould haveatemore

Then walked around and found the super famous salted chicken. I don't know how it taste like cause its in the freezer. I know right. They have frozen ones so you can keep and reheat when you like. #soamazed

My favourite tou fu fah wasn't open yet. Nevermind, i will be back for you!

Our next stop. Hmmm i hope you don't take this picture as a bad omen or something.

Just a picture of my never meet before por por.

Daddy asked her help me pass my ACCA. #feelthepressure

Hahaha now guess my next stop!

Wait for it.. Wait for it...

Cameron highlands!

Totally out of randomness. Almost decided to overnight there. Without any clothes pack.

We sipped tea at the cafe overlooking tea plantation.

Had scones.

Blissful lifestyle. So relaxing. Nothing to worry about.

Now i want to be a billionaire so freakin bad.

A customary picture of me with flowers.


Oh oh before i forgot, you should try this..

If you had means I'm the jakun one. Lol.

That's all ba.

Satisfying Saturday. C:
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杰Jay said...

Dim sum!!!!!! T^T looks so yummy =((( and ya RM55 is really cheap. :)

Swee Ann said...

it is yummy! if got chance, go there kay. satisfying can die. haha

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