It has been a week..

but.. meme
called the service centre, enquired and found out it is still pending!
you cannot imagine how heart broken was I. :( or disappointed.
excuse me for the soon-you-will-see-vulgarity.
I don’t pay RM1+++ to get so unsatisfied after one month of being over satisfied. :(
urged and i was told that my phone will be given a priority. will you buy this?
urged again and i was comforted that he understand how I feel.
Be it the one who manufactures the small parts in the phone, be it the one who assembles the motherboard, be it the one who do quality checks.. Are you guys slacking while working?
Thus, I had to suffer the consequences of your slacking?! Or do you have other possibilities that I have not think of?
Is this karma? I will be more hardworking while doing my work. :/
Give me back my phone soon. Alive, please!
I hope I am not over reacting.
If you think I am, try being away without a smartphone for a week. Then, judge me. :S



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