Red 红 merah

For all you know, a few more days and we will usher into the year of....

Dragon! (part of the house's decoration)

Heard it won't be a very good one for horses. Haha according to those feng shui master out there.

Do you believe in these or..? I just like to read them. Entertaining somehow but won't take it so seriously. (this is my perception)

Mum is in a full blast mode for spring cleaning the house instead of baking this year. *recalls baking marathon last year* *shivers*

Now the house got a new coat of paint and a very modern looking porch outside.

Red red red.

And nao.. My contribution to the house..

This is an annual affair.

Something new. Savory biscuits. Not bad. But.. I think i can do better. Haha.

That's all. XP

Things to do (if possible):

[] red dress
[] red shoes

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