Kenanga Wholesale City

My new found seventh heaven! :) Hahaha
My first time stepping into the mall was like..
so many pretty clothes on display! And there’s seven floors of boutiques!
Two floors were specially for accessories and handbags. Two floors were for traditional wear. And, the remaining ones were for clothes. HEEEHEE.
We walked every floor [okay we skipped the traditional wear] and I felt like..
Hahahaha kidding kidding! Just for your information, I did not, okay?
Since it’s a wholesale city mall, it means most shops sell in bulks at a cheaper price.
Means, most shops would ask you to take 3 clothes of any design in their shop and all will be at 50%. And for accessories take 6 of any design and all will be at 50%. Mostly. But, not all.
Nice deal right? You need to drag a friend or more along. It would be torturing to find three clothes that you like in a shop. It’s hard. I can tell you this because we did it!
There’s an accessories shop that fits my taste. Korean-like accessories. Super duper pretty ones.
They have my favourite feathered accessories. This is only RM11! I told myself I need to grab this. Hahaha then I got to get another five things to get that earring for that price. This is where dragging a friend is useful. HEHEHEHE. *evil right
If it’s outside, RM10 would get me a weird colourful plastic-ish feather earrings. *shivers
Also bought a dark navy blue torn looking knitted wear at RM25. My favourite type of clothes. Knitted wear. Sounds old right? But, its comfortable. <3
The stripe one is a bigggg huge blouse to be matched with leggings. Super lazy yet comfortable outfit. You don’t need to care if you feel extra few kgs heavier, because they will hide them all. Life saver! Hahaha
Satisfied shopping day.
I think it’s worth A visit. Go there one time and decide if it’s worth to be in your shopping mall list.



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