Dot dot dot

Polka dots! <3 . <3

So matching rightt? I should start getting all polka dot stuffs to match them. #ocd ing. #polkadotobsession

Received this polka dot covered notebook from my trainee!

She said it was a thank you gift. For guiding her. :)

Yeah so yesterday marks her last day of her three months internship here in my working place.

She so "yao sam" (got heart) le..

She knows i like polka dots.

So she asked her sister to make the notebook with polka dot cover.

Yup yup you read that right. It's handmade.

That notebook could easily worth RM50+++ in flea markets.

I wanted to get one before but... "Mm seh tak" (a little reluctant)

Now i own one. Thanks to her. :)

Hmmm suddenly feel interested to join notebook making class.

And then, i can make it for special people as gifts.

Don't you feel handmade or customized stuffs are unique?

I think receiving them makes you feel more special kan. Hehehe

#determinedtogo #setsmission!

Wonder when can say mission completed. Haha.

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