Market at Jaya One

Today is a good good day to dai.

Opsss! Wrong song. That's Namewee's song on Lynas.

No idea what is Lynas? Please go google it up ya. Tenjiuberrymuch.


*sing again* Today is a good good day to... shop! :P

I think I will never have the interest to shop in major shopping malls any more.

Because... it's too mainstream to shop there.

Hmphhh *want to be the special one*

Hahaha okay ignore that. Currently not in a stable mind. >)

Currently in love with bazaars and flea markets.

Where there are stalls and stalls of clothes, accessories, shoes, and you name it, they have it.

Anything related to the current fashion craze, of course.

What you see online in

Some of the clothes, you can get it here.

I bought one pastel coloured top! The colour reminds me of mint ice cream. *drools*

Bazaars.. If you compare to shopping mall..

It's an outdoor thing. So, minus the air cond. Unless it rains, then you get some water sprinkles. :P

It has many many mini stalls. So, you need to browse slowly, do some treasure hunting.

Since it's mini mini stalls, owners of the stalls are nearby you. So, you can chat with them asking opinions if you can't decide which to get or best is negotiate a cheaper price for your item that you want to purchase.

Can I show you what I bought? Can I? Can I?

Claw Ring! Scary looking right! So happy that I found them at a low price.

Amour ring! Always wanted to have one. <3

Okay PAUSE. We go for a coffee break sin. ;)

Guess where? STARBUCKS! 

My owl tumbler finally get to go out of the house to see sunlight for the first time. LOL!

This looks like macaroon right? But, don't be fooled by it's looks!

After that, RESUME treasure hunting!


My bear's new accessory. See, I have thoughts for my love ones. Glad she liked it. 
We can share share la right, Miss Teddy? ;)

Kkkk no more, no more. Am broke. :(

Money not enough part III. Hahaha.



AJNH said...

berapa u beli the armor and claw ring???

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