Fantastic Baby!

You SO got to listen to this song by BIGBANG!

If this genre doesn't suit you, try their another song called Blue? Something more subtle.

*inserts music note* Boom shalakalaka Boom shalakalaka. Da Da dance.

Okay it doesn't sounds nice here.

You need watch the music video!

Ahhh hawtness! T.O.P, GD, Tae Yang!

Why me no notice you all before?!

#newfanofBIGBANGhere #koreanfever


Haha calm down, Swee Ann.

Anyway, missing in action for one week does not mean i have been idling kay!

Friday night we (means me and a future business partner) had our very first discussion.

Of course, at our favourite outlet!

Yaya purposely one to show off my nicely drawn owl. Problem ? ;)

Hopefully all things will turn out well.

First venture!

Oh yeah fantastic baby! Can't wait!

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