Ben's, Pavilion

The last time was KLCC. Now it's Pavilion!

Never knew they had a branch here till i did some online Google-ing and found out this.

I kinda like this kind of concept cafe.

Where you have nice chairs, nice decorations, nice drinks and most importantly nice DESSERTS!

Too bad. The crowd here are all so noisy. A bit of a turn off isn't it?

Tables are so closed together that you can eavesdrop people. Opsss.

Anyway, I like desserts! I can take it as main.

I don't care if you think it's not filling or not a proper meal. What's important is that i'm satisfied! Kthxbai.

Their dessert does looks nice!

However we decided to not have dessert this time. It's okay, next time!

We had spaghetti duck confit something and nachos.

Wise choice. Wise choice! We didn't get ourselves overstuffed this time. Hehe.

Just that, duck was salty. Nachos chip itself salty.

Eat too much 'ham' things... is it will be 'ham sup'? #cricketsound

This year's decoration at Pavilion. What do you think?

On the other, United Buddy Bears are here in Pavilion. Twice i came to Pavilion, but never had the chance to take a picture of them. Lousy weather!

To rain cloud: Why you no let me take picture with them?! *pouts

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