Christmas Eve Gathering

With three "soh pohss". Quoted by someone. XD

Supposed to have breakfast with them but in the end became our brunch and the other two makan already. @@

Okay we were late ba. Hehe.

Guess where we had our brunch?

Ben's, Pavilion!! (Ohh no! Ben's again?! My dear siap say, oh no you going blog about it AGAIN!?)

Hahaha even if i would, i have nothing more to say.

Meet my three soh pohsss!

Dear and darling.

Ji Mei and darling.

Ji Mei and me.

Due to time constrain, all conversations cut short. :(

Finally i got pictures of them. United Buddy Bears!! Can i have them all 145 bears (i think) home, decorating my housing area? XP


Let's have another gathering this week.

I just realised i miss you guys so much. :( Blek.
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