A delayed post.

So sorry. Been spending most of my time sleeping for more than 12 hours everyday since Sunday.

Thought it was an ordinary flu but turns out to be something more then that. It came with cough and fever. The most terrible combination ever.

The body temperature you can feel that its uber hot sometimes and uber cold at the other times. You can't even tell if you are a mammal or turning into a reptile. TT

Let's just hope i get well in time for Christmas dinner for me to feast!

Oh well, back to Malacca. Went there last Saturday. Didn't do much. Most time are spent in the car due to heavy traffic. NOT complaining. But good times does pass fast.

Satay celup capitol!

Don't underestimate this queue. Took us almost two hours. Wonder where we got the patience to queue that long.

Finally! Nom for an hour plus. Then head to Nadeje cake house for desserts.

I like this. Berry berry strawberry! Pandai pandai if you got there, tak pao for me ya.

Haha want see more cakes?

Mata rambang or not?!

Hehe. Okay la. Bye.

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