stands for external exam.
this way of putting my title gives a touch of brilliant-ness right?
nah this is what you call not so smart people want to act smart. *tragic*
I had all my three papers last week. It was crazy.
The amount of notes you have to read while racing yourself with time.
Swore I will never take three papers in a row anymore..
Unless you have multi core processors and hard drives with unlimited space in your brain.
Or maybe it’s just me. *depressed*
Behind those HUGE doors are a huge hall with rows of tables and chairs.
My first day there was total clueless.
People are reading notes like reading mantras. (on the floor, legs crossed holding papers) Okay kidding kidding! #terrified
Stepped into the hall #doubleterrified where is my table?!
After that, second third time, walked in with no feeling already.
Just want to get it done and leave yo! #whattaheckIdontcareanymoreIwanttohavefun
Proudly to announce I am free till next year.
Problems stop bothering me now. I decided to carry forward it next year! @@



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