Road trip to 3 towns in Pahang

Finally, time to sit back and reflect what has happened for the past three weeks! Too many exciting events took place.. the cousin's wedding, followed by this road trip and lastly, a work trip to Kuala Terengganu! Just touched down KL last Saturday.

I felt like I'm all over the place. hehe not complaining tho..


This trip to go Sg Lembing was planned since 2 months back, after the Kukup trip. I think the travel bug has bitten the group. All also so ons.

We scheduled it to be on the week after my cousin's wedding reception, so everyone can just relax after the eventful weekend.

And, finally, 24th September arrives.

Saturday morning's vibes. Pretty skies to start of the trip.

We began our journey to a town located 45 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur:
Hello Bentong!

Target.. Set.. GO!

The well known Wan Tan Mee stall.

Specialty: The noodles doesn't have that chemical (kan sui) smell.

After filling up our tummies, we evaded their Pasar. You can see this place serves as a place for the locals to sell their own harvest.

The aunties obviously happily shopped for the famous Bentong ginger.

Do you feel like squashing it? It's okay, that feeling is absolutely normal. I feel that too.

Tao Fu Fah made using the mountain water. Have a hint of ginger powder. This located near the Pasar. Very visible.

Bentong's 1+1 coffee. 

This shop has a branch near my home, but no one has tried before. Hahaha bring them lor.

As the day is still early, we head to Chamang waterfall. A 10 minute drive away from Bentong town.

We had to pay an entrance fee (counted by per pax). I think, it's RM2?


To our disappointment, the waterfall wasn't clean as at the bottom of it, you can see foams floating. Quite gross, to be honest. 

We then continued our journey to Kuantan, in hopes to eat the famous Malay cuisine, some sort of gulai ikan at Akob Patin House and perhaps, drop by the beach.

But, when we reached there, the food was already closed to finish and cold.

We went next door, Restoran Sup Gelegok and bring the shop down. Not joking

Sarsi Cap Ayam.

Teh Tarik Float.


The funny story is that I think the shop haven't serve a large group of people before, with such many requests. They a little bit huru hara. When we called for the bill, both of us had to do a reconciliation. Hahahaha just to ensure the bill is right. Anyway, soup was nice!

After lunch, we decided to straight head to Sg Lembing. Lolol no beach.

And, guess where we spending the night at?


We picked the parallel ones, as we have aunties and uncles on board. Better take the ones with attached bathroom. Didn't want anyone to trip and fall in the night on the way to the toilets.

Despite the many praises, I actually expected it to be nice. However, the rooms weren't that clean. Imagine spiderwebs and dust. And, we were greeted warmly by mosquitoes. Omg... nightmare!

Pretty tho.

Since it was still early, we head to the Mining Museum. RM15/pax.

The making of Train to Lembing! It has been officially released in my Instagram. Go watch!

Why so serious?

The sun falls and its time for dinner! Restoran Hoover, it is.

Wild boar satay.

Tomato noodles aka Chinese Spaghetti.

Food is just so so, and not much choice there.

But, OMG you guys so have to try the famous Roast Pork. Totally yums!

We went back to the retreat and started play light photography. Huawei P9 daebak!

We called it a night after that, as we looked forward to go to the Rainbow Waterfall.

2am, it started to rain heavily till 6am. Guess it's not our luck. Panorama hill also tak panjat.

Sleep in jer la, since its Sunday.


We left the place without being able to sight the rainbow waterfall and the sunrise. Haha major fail.

But, it was one of its kind town. Small, peaceful, and quiet. I like environment like this.



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