Whatever makes you uncomfortable, do something about it.

Omg I can't sleep, guys. Going to blame it on my 2 hours nap in the evening earlier on.

I'm SO going to regret this tomorrow.

Anyway, allow me to have a midnight rant. Something I've faced, and I think it's really important that sometimes we need to give people a piece of our mind.

Something happened last week.

Due to my work nature, I deal with many people. Different people, most of the time. Well, one of the advantages is when you're exposed to people, you tend to learn more. Be it dealing, understanding, sharing of knowledge and, you get my point...

And, the downside is.. You might face freaks. Lol.

This person that I get in touch with, for work purpose called me Baby in our first WhatsApp conversation. Take note girls, I've never met him before. 😂

The conversation generally when like. " later I WhatsApp you baby." Baby here, baby there. 😑 What I did was ignore and answered the necessary.

I thought it was the end till the next day. He said hi baby. Continue updating me his schedule and told me the weather was hot, not feeling well and his whole body pain pain. 

😒😒😒 << My face

I'm pretty sure I could take the easy way out by ignoring and just answer the necessary work related matters. But, omg life's too short to just hold back and get agitated whenever I receive his future messages like that. This is definitely not right. Call me conservative, but calling someone baby is highly inappropriate in this case. And, body pain pain 🙄🙄 I cannot.

Given some thought about it, in consideration of him as my client. I've confronted him nicely, stating I did appreciate if he calls me by my name, and don't have to update his personal matters to me.

And in return, he replied that I'm not the only one he do this to and, did the same to my previous manager. Lololol. Wtf?

So, does this mean I'm the freak here? 😁



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