Universal Studio Singapore + Halloween Horror Night 2016

With the thought of Singapore Dollar is at almost 3 times the Malaysia Ringgit, bet you think this girl so rich to go for a trip there.

But, truth to be told, the expenses (meals and transport) there are quite bearable la. For, three days 2 nights we only spend $50++. I'll tell you why later on.

We have never been to Universal Studio Singapore since it's opening and, to top it of, it was Halloween month. So, we thought let's just go all out and never return here. Lolol
"Budget - RM808/pax"
  • Universal Studio Singapore & Halloween Horror Night ("HHN")2016 - RM370
  • Airbnb in Clementi - RM282
  • Air Asia Return Flight Ticket - RM156
Note: USS was having a promotion for HHN, buy 3 free 1.

We were excited as we haven't been into a theme park for years! Not sure if our hearts can take it or not.

"Day 1- Roaming Around Singapore"

Our flight was in the early Friday morning. We spend our time travelling to the airport while you guys were sleeping. Basically, we were already qualified for HHN's zombie role.

That kinetic rain in the Changi Airport. And, them, eye bags.

We arrived and couldn't checked into our Airbnb as it was too early. We lugged our luggage to Chinatown for....

Michelin Star's Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle

We waited for 2 hours. It was the queue that starts even before the stall sets up.

So, this was apprx $2 per plate. Cheapest Michelin star food?

Our opinion: Okay lor... Don't bother trying others. Just go for the Soya Sauce Chicken Rice ya.

The weather was cloudy throughout the day, just as predicted by the weather forecast app.

We were so exhausted after the queue, we decided to make way to the Airbnb to have a power nap.

Our view from the 22nd floor of The Parc Condo located less than 8 minute walk from Clementi Station. 

It is the most highest class condominium we have ever stepped into.

To enter the lift lobby, we need to enter the unit number and wait for the owner to open the door.
Their units uses pin number to enter.
Their playground is our favorite!

We coma-ed for a good two hours before heading to Haji Lane.

Walked to Little India for the 24 hours shopping mall called Mustapha. But didn't get to hoard anything. You did see all sorts of spices and wish you know how to use them. lol

Took a cab to Orchard Road, thinking to have the famous Hai Di Lao. Only to find out, it was a four hour queue when we arrived at 8pm. Note: If you can wait, it opens till 6am the next morning yo.

While wondering if we should wait for Hai Di Lao or preserve the energy for tomorrow's USS, we strolled through the street and we saw this!

"Ice Cream Sandwich $1.20"

In waffle.

In bread.

Happiness when you had two rounds of ice cream.

We decided to let Hai Di Lao a miss, and go home and have potato wedges and pizza (bought from the supermarket) and cup noodles (from KL). LOLOL

"Day 2- Universal Studio Singapore"

Mom of the trip have prep us with economic noodles and coffee bought at the nearby market. 

We were fueled and ready to be kiasu. We have read many online comments on how you need to be there early and go against the flow to be able to ride everything in the park.

Surprisingly, we were able to ride everything we wanted except for those kids ride. And, the wait was bearable and comfortable. It's not what you imagined of a theme park. Hot, humid, sweat and messy. None of that.

Passing by Hollywood to Madagascar.

The ride that made us lost our hearts.

At minion shop. 
(Guys, take note of that hairband that I'm wearing)

When I Grow Up show.

Rides that I enjoyed:
I'm amused on how technologies made the rides so real.
  • Battleship Galactica- Cyclon & Human. Of all the thrill rides, we unknowingly went for the most extreme ones and survived. 
  • Revenge of the Mummy - Indoor Roller Coaster Ride. It falls backwards, guys!
  • Transformer - 3D ride. 
  • Jurassic Park - Water one. Super amused with the float was brought up by a lift and slide down and got us all wet. 
Note: They prepared free lockers for all these extreme rides for an period of time, except Jurassic that one, you need to pay. No worries in carrying your bag around the park and for Jurassic, it depends on which seat you are at.

When it's all done, we chilled and take pictures.

As the sun was going to set, we decided to leave the park as the park closes at 7pm to transform into a horror scene and releasing its zombies to roam. We needed fuel to ran and scream our lungs out.

We seek for the nearest fast food chain (located a floor down and through the carpark). We make our way for Texas Chicken and McDs.

When we return to the park, the queue was mad. We headed to the first horror house:

Bodies of Work

The queue was so bad. Our legs nearly worn off, taking into consideration we ran the park whole day. It took us 1 and half hours just to get into it.

And, damn, horror house so creepy! The house is so dark, smoky, noisy. There's so many distractions that you didn't even realize there's freak people hiding at corners you wouldn't expect.

Not only that, even if you have passed those freaky people, they can turn back and scream at you.

T.T my soul nearly left. My thought was like.. I want to get out. I want to get out ASAP.

Unfortunately (or, fortunately. lol), the queue to the rest of the house was so bad. We tried queue-ing for the Hui Li's inn.. but, we left halfway. Thinking our time would be better used on watching the parades and shows.

Which is a good choice. As our hearts couldn't take anymore. Lol.

Oh ya. Remember my hairband? There's a story about it. We at the Hui Li's inn queue.

Me: *Touch head* Eh, my hairband missing.
Cousin: Oh ya. I wanted to tell you. While we were in the bodies of work, it fell off.
Me: But, you're right behind me.
Cousin: I was too scared to pick it up.. and you were going to fast.
Me: ...

Story of my hair band. Zombies probably dolling themselves up with it.

Sugar Skull lady.

It's just too bad that the queue was so long. I think they should limit the number of people to enter the park if they can't cope.

Or not, you can buy the express pass to have higher chances in experiencing all the house.

We went home, watching the Youtube reviews for all the houses and glad that we didn't went in. As I think nothing would be left in me anymore. Hahaha

The staffs are all really into their role.

At 12.30am, we called it a day.

Theme Park is so fun. Let's go another one next time!


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