Bento 20: Salmon + Avocado

Morning! I am officially on my Raya break. In the car right now, heading up north right for a short gastronomy trip. From what I hear, it seem like we will be circling the whole Perak. 😂

Anyway, I want to blog on what's in my lunch box yesterday!

Say hello salmon and avocado.

Got this slice of salmon for RM11? in AEON. One of the Super Saver Wednesday deals. 

Avocado was like RM6 for two pieces? On top of that, it was sold by weight. Which is rare.🤔 Got it from Lulu Hypermarket. 

Simple salt and pepper marinate with slice of lemon. 

Sometimes the best taste is from the simplest ingredients. Do you think the same way like I do? 😁

Overnight oats with berries! 😍😍 

Had sometime after preparing my lunch. So let me have breakfast first.

It was my first try on black berries and I am in love. 🙅🏼 to blue berries.

On another note, look at my succulents. 🌵 They are alive and well. *proudmummymoment

That's about it. Going to reach my first food stop. Wishing all of you happy holidays and drive safe if you guys are traveling as much as me. 😝



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