No Churn Lemon Ice Cream

No churn, no churn.

What does it mean actually? If you are one of the like-rs of the Tastemade's Facebook Page, I think this term is used frequently when they are making ice cream.

It simply means.. No ice cream maker needed! *tears of joy

Now we are able to make our own Artisan ice cream at home. Believe me, this ain't my last attempt of making ice cream!

Mommy showed me a recipe, No Churn Lemon Ice Cream yesterday. Indicating that I should make a move on the whipping cream that has been laying in the fridge for a good two months. Hehehe

It was pretty simple.. Only four ingredients and a good ol' mixer machine to complete the job.

Mix them all up.

While beating them up to achieve the so called soft peak, guess what the recipe states for Heavy Whipping Cream. No wonder la. Whatever cream also we take it the same. lol..

Anyways, with all hopes and wishes after a night in the freezer, it didn't turn out bad!

You've got that ice cream texture. 
Well. Less fattening kind of creamy because that's the difference between a normal and a heavy whipping cream.

The ice cream turns out to be super tangy and sour. Hahaha. *squeeze face

Next up, peanut butter chocolate ice cream please. *hearts eyes

Good news right, we can all be ice cream makers too! 



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