My Huawei P9 Plus

Sunday afternoon rain is falling~ This kind of weather making me feeling lazy.

Just a quick post before I head out for dinner. I've changed my phone to you-know-what!

It has been a week that I've been using this and I am amazed! Like wow, you can actually do that?! (Feeling like a secret agent. lolol. You will know why later!)

Lately, I've been contemplating to buy a gadget. I thought of Iphone, Samsung Note 5 (Been a Note 3 user, liking the S pen feature), Ipad Pro (Also because of the pen), but they were kind of expensive. Easily RM2.5 - 3k. I felt quite "mm-seh-tak" (heavy hearted?) to spend that amount for just a mere upgrade, as my phone is still working kind of fine. Hahaha

So, the boyfriend has been looking around for a replacement of his Note 2. We have seen XiaoMi, but you know there wasn't any spark between us. Lolol

We kept looking till last Friday when we were in Sunway Pyramid. It was like love at first sight. Hahaha but that hesitating feeling. Like you sure, Huawei is okay? Will it hang? Lololol.

Well, the salesman managed to poison us. He impressed us with the dual camera. The pro camera's function. We are like kind of sold but still doubting. Lolol. Not only that, his Note 2 can be traded in for a decent amount of RM350, and freebies like 2 phone covers (which I think is quite nice), screen protectors, 64GB memory card, and additional cable (it's the USB-C type cable).

Okay lah, since Note 2 got this decent amount. Let's try! Besides, if there's anything wrong, there's a one to one exchange.

The boyfriend went home with his new purchase Huawei P9 (the size of an Iphone 6s?) that night.

He send me this, that very night. Using Huawei P9- Black and white lens! And, mind you, it's taken at night! Clear right?!

I was like "Cannot cannot, I also want. Should I? Should I not?" Dilemma.

Next thing you know, that very next day we head back to Sunway to trade in my phone. Hahaha! 

I got my Note 3 traded in for RM600. Supposingly RM650, if it wasn't due to the big dent on the sides. *tears

Obsessive girlfriend, is obsessive. 

Okay, mine is the bigger one. Huawei P9 Plus. Difference being, bigger screen (like my Note 3), pressure touch (like Iphone), bigger RAM, and Amoled screen. 

I read a lot on my phone besides the laptop. Hence, the choice. 

The camera is the reason why I hop over and threw the S pen feature. I can't live without a decent camera (Note 3 is clearly failing. My selfie wasn't as clear as this!)

Front camera comes with 8 megapixels and it has auto focus yo. 

There's this perfect selfie function, where you program your ideal face feature i.e smoothness, eyes enlargement etc into your phone. Hence, no hassle in editing every time you selfie. Lolol I give it a miss. I cannot take it. 

And, if you decide to selfie in the dark, even though there isn't any front flash feature, no worries. They still can give you flash by turning the screen all white and *snap*. HAHAHA I CANNOT. I didn't even know this till I vainly selfie in the dark. When I saw the screen went blank, I was like crap, so fast "hang gei"?! Only to find the selfie bright and nice. Hahaha I felt so amused. 

Omo, even my coconut drink looks fancy. Taken with its Aperture feature.

Does my succulent looks very alive?

I can't wait for a trip to test out the camera. I saw wedding pictures taken with it. #macamyes 

See the light painting feature! 

I don't really fancy the idea of owing a DSLR, because it's quite heavy to carry around la. Especially when you are travelling. I like to keep my hands free. If this phone can do it, it did be MY perfect phone right now.

Not only the camera is impressive, the phone uses fingerprint to unlock, answer call, off the alarm and scroll pictures. Do you feel like Agent 007? Hahaha.

Seem like fingerprint isn't the only way to play tricks, your knuckle also can do some magic.

Screenshot : Use a knuckle to knock twice.
Video screenshot: Use two knuckles to knock twice.
Apps shortcut: Use knuckle to draw alphabets (C,E,M,W only).

I never experience these before while using Note 3. Are you WOW yet? Hahaha I am la. #jakun 

Would you try to jump off the boat to try this?



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