Iron House Koptiam @ Seri Kembangan

Weekends are the usually the most convenient time to venture out our residential areas for food.
I mean, who got the energy to drive all the way to somewhere for food after work? Nope, definitely not me.

Yesterday dinner, we opted for this. After reading some reviews and my colleague's feedback (who is staying around the area), okay lah let's go have a try!

My colleague warned me to reach there early as there's always a queue and better to avoid the dinner crowd. So, I preempt the folks that there could be a queue. Lolol don't want them to get grumpy and hungry and end up being h-angry with me. *tears

And, while we were on our way there (Took us a good 30 minutes drive from my home, Cheras), it started to rain heavily. Yay, definately no queue! I proclaimed.

Guess what? The kopitiam is already filled with people. Hahaha guess the rain didn't deter the crowd from coming.

The situation in the Kopitiam at 7pm.

But, we didn't have to wait long for our seats and food. While waiting for our table to be ready, they are taken our order. 

So, food are served almost instantly when we sat down. Speaking of efficient.

Because I told them that Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng is the most popular dish here. Hence, 3 vs 1

Their sambal sotong, PEDAS wei. 

I pick you, Hainanese Chicken Chop!

I opted for something else la, because you should try other things also right? My Chicken Chop doesn't taste like the usual ones. I prefer the Nasi Lemak tho. The chicken thighs are huge! 

Oh well, my folks thinks that the food is just okay. That we have tried it once, and wouldn't purposely travel to Seri Kembangan for a Nasi Lemak. Lolol

Which I agree. Jauh ler.



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