Two Days One Night in Kukup

Kukup is a small fishing village located in Pontian district, Johor. Commonly known among the local Chinese tourist for a short getaway or staycation. 

And if you're wondering how I got to know this place, is all thanks to my current job. I have raved so much on the pretty sunsets and seafood choices during my two weeks assignments there, that my parents decided to "why not let's spend a night there during the Raya holidays". 

Side note: We hardly travel outstation during the festive season.

As the decision was made almost last minute (approximately one week before Raya), most of the "famous" home stays are all fully booked. All the home stay owners' replied my WhatsApp message in such apologetic and polite manner, which I was quite impressed even though they replied me in Chinese. Hahaha thanks Google translate. We nearly have lost hope in getting a place to stay. *drama*

Till then, I managed to find My Kukup Resort. So, here we go!

The journey to Kukup would take us approximately 4 hours. Given that we are within the highway speed limits. Better be safe than sorry right? We decided to have Ful Lai Dim Sum breakfast at Kuchai Lama. 

I must add that this place is really not bad. 

It's just by fate that we decided to have the dim sum here, because Jin Xuan Restaurant which is supposed to open 24 hours (According to Google) is not ready until 7am. Oh well.

After several toilet breaks at the rest area and a massive traffic congestion in the largest car park in Kukup, we finally head to our home stay. 

Our resort located at the other end of the entrance. We got burned by the sun.

Yes, this house (usually allocated for SG tourist) is divided into two chalets, the upper floor and the lower floor. Due to some disarrangement, we got to stay here instead of chalet A (for MY tourist). Well, the house is huge. They have easily 7 rooms with attached bathrooms each. With lots of bunk beds in those room and each chalet have their own facility room where you can play Mahjong and sing Karaoke day and night.

We paid RM160/pax for a package of accommodation and 5 meals.

Due to a huge crowd check in to the village, we had to wait for the restaurant owner's cue when our lunch table is ready. We had crabs, pork, prawn, tofu, and vegetables.

After having our lunch, we decided to hop on the ferry (fees included in the package) to the fish farm. 

Aiya, practically the moment we stepped in, we wanted to hop back on the ferry. There's nothing interesting.  

The view from the fish farm. On the right hand side is the Pulau Kukup National Park.

Our tea time at the home stay. We enjoyed them in a very chilled air cond room.

Crystal Jelly.

When it was almost evening, the youths lost interest in singing and playing Mahjong. We head out to rent a bicycle for a fee of RM15/day to tour around the village. We rented from the ones who we bought the Crystal Jelly from.

The village from what I observed, is divided into two parts with two different entrances. Our home stay is located on the left side (if you are standing facing the jetty). From one to the other end of the village, opting the bicycle seem like the best choice, You could have motorized bicycle if you're too lazy. 

So, this was during sunset. *disappointed*

We got home and find our dinner is ready at the porch area. The owner barbecued for us and all we need to do during the stay is just being the royalties.

A storm was about to come and the wind was really strong. We had to held our plates with our elbows while eating. *calmface Till the wind and drizzle starts coming in the porch and practically blew everyone away.

** End of Day One**

The Muay Thai cousin and I decided to make use off the bicycle the very next morning after our Nasi Lemak breakfast and Kopi O in our place.

Boy, cycling in that narrow lane is hard. I mean, if you lose your balance, you will fall in that muddy puddle. How did you do that while fetching me, dear?  

Me and my bushy hair.

Kid found her playground.

The view from the temple.

We ended our stay with another lunch in another restaurant. The dishes are almost similar but, done by another cook from another restaurant. This, taste much nicer.

We continue our day with a drive to Johor Premium Outlet. We spend the afternoon walking around, and had Marry Brown for tea. It's the most crispy and warm fried chicken. So satisfied. After everyone is satisfied with their purchase, we start our journey to KL and the traffic is heavy. 4 hours to reach Seremban for our dinner.

It was totally impromptu and I found Restaurant Weng Keong while researching online. The place is not too far away from the toll exit, which I think the fam bam absolutely approve it. The bill came up to almost RM200 plus, where we had 2 yam baskets (too yummy), prawn, pork, vegetables, fish.
I think you can give it a try, if you pass by the Seremban exit. The dishes came out really fast, and it's not like those commercialized "Dai Chows".

Yam Basket.

Butter Prawn.

We reached home almost 11pm and coma till the next day. Glad to hear that everyone enjoyed their stay and have already had plans for the next one. Hahaha



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