Ah Fa's Chinese Restaurant, Pudu Kuala Lumpur

So, this is what we had last night for dinner.

My family is a big fan of spicy food. Without chilies, there's nothing else that could spice up our life better. Hahaha.. 

But, this dish just blew us off.

We took the RM99 dish (Which includes a fish head, 2 big prawns, generous portion of lala and sotong) and the broth's spiciness level is mild. Which is an understatement by the way. 

We just had this and a bowl of rice and a cup of iced tea each.

You will enjoy the first few spoons, and subsequently burst into sweat and end with feeling numb. Hahahaha nevertheless the three of us survived and agreed that we wouldn't be able to go another level up in order to enjoy this dish.

Here's the amount of chill in that pot. You have not count those which have been blended and scattered in the broth.

For those who couldn't take spicy food, they still have you in mind as, they will serve this dish minus the chilies.

While we were eating, a couple came and ordered intermediate spicy, the waiter reconfirmed their order and warned them. But yet, they still insist. Came a pot like the above but with a very red and feiry broth. They broke into sweat the moment they had their first few spoons. So, don't play play when a waiter ask if you're sure with your order or not. Hahahaha

This place is actually road side. It did be perfect to eat during the rainy days, but, I don't think it did be comfortable as the rains probably would seep through. And, it would be perfect to sing "I set fire to the rain~"

Ah Fa's Chinese Restaurant at Jalan Seladang, Pudu.



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