Bento 16: Soba Noodles + Nutella Walnut Raisin Granolas

There are some articles online stating that having rolled oats is way better than the Quaker Oats? Not so sure about that.

But, I've been having overnight soaked Quaker Oats as my breakfast for some time already. And, enjoyed the smooth and creamy texture like Tou Fu Fah. Hahaha and, when I tried the overnight soaked rolled oats.. it is so rough.. And, there goes my impression on rolled oats. #Whysomanyands

Anyway, I gave the rolled oats a second chance by making it into granolas this time. So, here's the three four simple ingredients!

 Not in the picture, Miss Raisin.

While I was supposed to mix the dry ingredients together and coat them with melted Nutella, something somewhere certainly went wrong. Because while double boiling my Nutella, it was melty the first few seconds and it did suddenly clumped and dried up. *shock mode*  

Anyway #keepcalmandcarryon. Because chocolate will melt in the oven right? #whatlogicisthis

I placed it in the oven for 30 minutes, 150 celcius with interval stirring. 

But, no signs of further melting.

The end product!

It didn't look nice, but the taste is there. Crunchy!

It did made my home smelled like Famous Amos shop for a moment.

If you were to ask me what went wrong, I think I heated up the Nutella mixture for too long. It stated on 20 to 40 seconds? Hahahaha no wonder. 

You can refer the recipe, Nutella Granola.

There is no raisin in the recipe but, I think it did make a good combo. Perhaps not to bake it together? But, to add on after baking? I think that would be better.

 So, my breakfast for the next few days. Granola with Plain Yogurt. Balanced quite well given the yogurt is sour and the granola is sweet.

As of for lunch, my mum suggested to make cold Soba noodles, which is like hey, super easy!

The noodles and Soba sauce is from Daiso.

1. Do the 5 minute egg.
2. Cook the noodle and rinse it with cold water after that.
3. Strip the seaweeds and add on sesame seed.
4. Mix water and sauce.

I keep the sauce separately.




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