Bento 15: Tuna Pasta + Salad

Don't judge me with these Hello Kitty Pasta and the Mickey Birkens (Refer Instagram's post) Hahaha It's just too cute to resist! 

I mean, by looking at these pastas also makes you excited for lunch, okay? #TheLittleKidinMe

1. Just boil them pasta and carrot. Drained them dry.
2. Mix tuna, lemon juice, some shallots, pepper, and parsley together.
3. Salad: Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, sliced almond and balsamic vinegar with olive oil as dressing.

Wohoo it's Friyay! Going to head to church after work, to support my Por Por. She will be helping out in the mass service.

Have a nice weekend and cheat all meals during weekend!



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