Ipoh and Penang in 36 hours

Had a packed weekend and in the end, resort in taking a afternoon half day yesterday to settle some of my things, i.e. taking my Pos Laju Parcel and getting a replacement black office shoes. 

Can't be wearing purple shoes to client's place. *sigh fieldwork commencing soon! A whole new quarter!

Anyway, let's keep that aside, as the main highlight of this post is about food trip in 36 hours with 12 pax! Amazing race! Hahaha *blows whistle

A little backstory before we start. The last time I stepped into Penang would probably be 4 years ago. Itu pun I was assigned to perform branch audit there. Didn't get to see and eat much. And another point is the extended family hasn't gone somewhere together for some time. 

So, a little coordination and here we go, a 36 hours food trip!

We started our journey at 5am and reached Ipoh to warm up our tummies.

Turns out we are way too early as the hawkers just began to set up their stalls! Hehehe #slightlyambitious

 Smile everyone! We are at Kong Heng.

 We packed our white coffees for our 2 hours drive later. His face. Haha I cannot.

 So, beside the Nam Heung Coffee Shop, there's a shop selling dried stuffs, such as starfish. Omo what do you do with that poor dried star fish?

 That's my dad. Squats while his daughter sits on the chair. Hahaha

After approximately 2 hours, we reached the second link bridge, suggested by Waze.

 Hello clear blue skies. Apparently, the toll charges you two ways when you enter the bridge from mainland.

We head to Joo Hooi Coffee Shop for Cendols!

 Some loh bak.

 Some Or Chien. This is good.

 Some Rohjak.

 Some AhSam Laksa.

We walked around the area, exploring while the aunts buy some nutmeg and biscuits while the uncles were still chilling in the coffee shop.

We proceed to Kek Seng coffee shop for durian ice cream and ais kacang.

Nope, don't ask me if it taste nice. I don't eat durian.

Some har mee.

A trip to Penang wouldn't be complete if we didn't spot the street art. The weather was in between rains and sun.

We also explored to Moh Teng Phoew Nyonya Kuay for some nyonya tea time.

Nasi Ulam.

Pie Tee.

Time passed really fast and, for all you know it's already 4pm. We head to our Airbnb in Jalan Pantai Batu, Batu Feringghi.

Let me insert the link, here.

The place is really huge, full kitchen facilities and even have a huge bbq area.

Once you go cross the streets, you did be at the Shamrock beach.

When dinner comes, we didn't want to drive all the way back to town. It's slightly out of the way. Hence, we settled with Tsunami Village Cafe.

The food overall is great. Just minus the Garoupa fish that cost us approximately RM100.

The next morning, we checked out at 9am and head to Ping Hooi Coffee Shop for our Char Kuey Teow fix.

It's yummy! 

The loh bak is way better than in Joo Hooi's. And, the prawn mee also yums! This coffee shop worth being bookmarked!

We then head to Air Itam for the Sisters' Curry Mee

Best too!

Then, it started to rain heavily and we began to adjourn back to KL. Hahaha.

Surprisingly, the traffic is smooth, given that it's the last weekend of the school holidays. #blessed

What do you think on our Amazing Race?



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