Bento 17: Pan Fried Chicken + Potato & Carrot

Wohoo! If you noticed, today marks my last day of 20 days lunch box challenge!
"Bento box (17) + Mason Jar (3) = Lunch Box (20)"
Mission accomplished. But, this won't stop me from preparing lunch to work. I kinda enjoy preparing them and savoring them. Just one thing that I realized is that my bento box is always cold. Wonder would it be bad for my body? I read that somewhere that no matter what you eat cold or hot, the body will make it to body temperature. #selfcomfort

The other day I bought a chicken boob...and tadaa..

Simple. Boil them potato and carrot. Marinate the chicken with some salt, pepper, cayenne powder and rosemerry. Pan fry them all together like happy family. Hahaha.

It's Thursday already! I'm excited for the weekend!



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