Wondering Wednesday

I reached the office this morning, suddenly with absolutely zero memory on my office's alarm password. (Yup, was the first to reached the office today)

Causes it to rang like there was a burglary! bi bo bi bo bi bo (Omg, are the cops already on their way?!)

#KeepCalmAndGuessThePassword *press all possible numbers while.. WhatsApp the group for emergency password retrieval.

Hahaha thank goodness that my colleagues responded immediately! *tearsofjoy

Omg what a way to start my day. Definitely triggered the brain to come back to reality. Hahaha consequences of resting the brain for 24 hours.

How I spend my last 24 hours (Wednesday)

You know the "Saved" function in Facebook is really a life saver at a certain moments. When you see someone checked in to an eatery place which makes you think to try some time in the future, SAVE them.

So, yesterday was one of those days. And, Mummy's Noodle House, Pandan Indah to save the day.

They specialize in Pan Mee and they are located the same row with the famous Chow Kit's Kin Kin Pan Mee. But, I figure they are going for a different kind of style. If you needed another landmark, it did be opposite the Pandan Indah Police Station.

Dry Chili Pan Mee. (Photo from their FB page)

For my deep affection of spicy food, I had the above minus the egg. Its nice, maybe they should slightly reduce the oil. But, that can be reminded over your order. Minor stuff.

Mummy had the classic Pan Mee soup, which she approves on the broth and the noodle texture. So, I guess we can add in to our Ng-family-where-to-go-for-meals list.

We decided to drop by Ikea Cheras for some leisure walk and parking is a brisk here! Hahaha I don't have to go all the way to PJ and leave home early in the morning. One drawback is that, they don't sell mini succulents here. WHY!

We were happily walking around as the crowd wasn't that bad. We picked some stuffs and when we wanted to check out, the queue snake it's way through the storage area. *placestuffbackinplaceandwalkoff It's okay, we will come back on a normal weekday to get them.

Feeling slightly unsatisfied, I splurge on their new 150 cents frozen yogurt. Hahaha in other words, RM1.50.

Nothing beats my favourite, Llao Llao. 

It's very milky but, they come in two flavors. Strawberry and Bluberries. You can fill it up as much as as the cup could hold. 

Went to Jusco after that for grocery shopping and spend the rest of the day watching Korean Drama. Chasing Glass Mask with my mum. Not sure where she get that, but the storyline not bad or it's just Korean Drama which is in nature, addictive. *laughs

 Aiks! Almost end of lunch break. Had my Soba Noodles for lunch with a much improvised version of the sauce. To be honest, the previous try was really salty, I had to add water to my Soba noodles (no joke)

This time round, my mum suggested me to boil some stock using Bonito flakes to mix with the Soba sauce to enhance the flavor. It turns out even nicer and of course, I put in less Soba sauce. 

Bonito flakes or also known as Katsuobushi, is used to boil with dried kelp to make the Dashi broth which is the main ingredient for most of the Japanese soup such as Miso. And, just in case you're wondering how Bonito flakes look like. 

Photo obtained from Google.

We got ours from Aeon. 

Got to sign off now! xx



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