Bento 18: Pork Wrap (Korean style)

Today's bento got my colleagues go waooo.

Hahaha the luxury of have Pork Wrap (Korean style) for lunch. 

Gotta credit that to my international chef, my mum.

She watches Maangchi. Hence, we get to enjoy some Korean cuisine at times. 

We had the Korean fried chicken. Double thumbs up and also toes. Hahaha it's nice. Really nice.

And, this wrap too. We had it for dinner last night actually. Since there's extra, why not?

I don't have the recipe, but you can get it from Maangchi. If my mum can do it at home, I bet all of us can do too.

Korean cuisine at home. Yums.

Oh my god, 3 and half hours more to the weekend. Can't wait!



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