Bento 14: Ginger Egg Fried Rice + Luncheon Meat + Fried Oyster Mushroom

There was some leftover rice on last night dinner.

Hence, the fried rice. Did another portion for my mum too. *tadaa* lunch sorted for both.

This ginger egg fried rice is the like one of the easiest and yummiest dinner for me. And, the ginger providing warmth to my tummy. #comfortfood

What you need to do is thinly stripped the ginger, fried it with sesame oil, add in rice and an egg. Fry till egg is cook. 

The spam was leftover too, since last week. Hahahaha don't waste okay?

Fried black pepper oyster mushroom. (I have another half packet more in the fridge. #IamturningintoMario)

Tehehe easy bento today. 

Yes, it's Thursday!



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