Hotel Concorde Kuala Lumpur in 36 hours

The company have held a 2 days training last Friday in Concorde Hotel. And, surprise! We were told that we will be spending a night there the day before.

Hahaha we couldn't decide to be excited for being able to stay in a 4 star hotel or sad for not being able to go home when we are still in KL?

But at the end of the training, I guess everyone was happy.

Friday morning kicked off with a really tensed mood, as we finally will be presenting slides that we have been preparing for weeks. We were given an assignment to understand the Global Risk Report 2016, summaries them and present them in slides. Let's just say the article is sightly wordy and complex.

Nevertheless, all of us made it, moods were lifted, and before we know it, it's already time for lunch. 

We had our at the coffee house, which we anticipate it one week before (As we get to choose the sets). 

Set A was my pick, and also the other 4 colleagues.

 French Onion Soup.


 Bread Pudding with Vanilla Sauce.

We were told that our sea bass got substituted with salmon as, they do not have enough to serve. Bummer right?

On top of that, I suffered a diarrhea right after lunch. And, found out that I wasn't the only one. The other colleague suffered worst. Not sure what causes it.

After the training, we checked into our rooms!

Comfy, clean rooms with new facilities. 4 stars hotel, how I've never spend my money on you. Hahaha.

 Soaked in the bathtub.

Hahaha I've always had this mindset that bathtubs are one of the place where dead bodies are found. So, whenever I see bathtubs, I wouldn't use it. Never! But, not sure why, this looks new and clean.

Had a soak for a good 30 minutes before heading out for dinner. 

 Night view. Pretty!

Opt for Hardrock Cafe Kuala Lumpur for dinner and TGIF! This is my first time here and, unfortunately the last.

The food is great, but certainly pricey and the crowd isn't representing the #ThankGodItsFriday mood which I was clearly looking forward to. It's just really normal.

And, the live band starts at 11pm. I nearly fall asleep while waiting for them to get started.

 Good morning, day 2! Can't get enough of my city!

Took my time at the breakfast buffet, savouring pastry. Croissant, my love. The choices in the buffet was okay. 

We kicked off our training at 10am. And then, it is time for lunch.

Not bad geh.

After the training, coincidentally the boss suggested for Hardrock Cafe for happy hour and dinner. (Second time!) Took us more than an hour to get our seats, guess we came at the wrong time, as most of them are settled down for berbuka puasa.

Finally, we adjourn at 10pm.

I went into a deep coma for a good 10 hours sleep. This is so exhausting. Is this one of the signs of aging?

Can't wait for the Wednesday's Public Holiday. Cannot be more grateful for being in a country with abundant holidays. Hahahaha..

When will I have the luxury to stay in a 4 stars and above hotel again? :P



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