Non Bake Nutella Cheesecake

Hello, Nutella-ians!

There's nothing that we will dislike if there's Nutella in all food and drinks! Right right right?

And, it's even better if it's a total idiot and oven proof recipe right?

Say hello Nutella Cheesecake!

My taster said that it reminds them of Ferraro Rocher. 

Here's my recipe reference, Nutella Cheeecake. Nigella Lawson.

I will simplified it if you didn't want to go over to the link.

What I did and used:
1. Hand crush a 150g (the small packet) of digestive biscuit. Rub them with 5 tablespoons of room temperature butter and some salt. Mix in some chopped almonds. Compressed them to your cake tray and placed them in the fridge.
2. Hand whip your room temperature cream cheese ( I only used a box of Philadelphia Cheese, when the recipe says 2. Hehehe) with some icing sugar (I think you can skip this, as it turns out slightly sweet). Mix in 3/4 cup of Nutella. Pour the mixture on the cake tray prepared earlier and topped it with chopped almonds.
3. Let it harden in the fridge for a good four hours before savoring it. 

Best of all, this recipe is aunties approved. Hahaha you know how they will say if it's too sweet and all.

P/S: Don't be greedy to have the cheesecake all by yourself. Share them as it can be slightly jelak-y after several bites. 



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