Bento 4: Caesar Salad with Tuna

Happy Thursday all!

We are entering Day 4 Lunch Box Challenge!

One thing that I've realized practicing this... is that I lost touch of the outside world from 9.30 am onward till I finish my work at 6.30pm!

My office desk does not have any windows nearby... So even if there's any fire or the skies turned into rainbow colors out there... I wouldn't know.


Anyway, back to the food topic. Today is Tuna Thursday... Salad.

I always prepare my lunch box the night before, because I am not willing to get off the bed earlier. #ithinkisthemindsetproblem

And, I always packed them separately. Because I think that if I fix them the night before.. Imagine my croutons or tortilla will become soggy. #notsureifthisisanothermindsetproblemornot

So yeah, as everyone's bento would look picture perfect like the below, ready to eat when it's lunch time.

Like this.

But, in actual fact mine looks like this. *awkwardsmile

Making sure everything is fresh and crispy. Hahaha. #foodOCD


This salad is like really simple to be assembled. Salad for dummies.

1. Croutons (My favourite part of the salad! That crispy thing)
This takes 20 minutes of your time. Because you need to pan fry it on low heat. Perhaps you can do extra servings for future use.

Take any piece of bread, cut them into small cubes, drizzle them with olive oil and garlic salt. Keep tossing in the pan on low heat. You know it's ready when the bread turns hard and crispy.

2. Cheese slice
You get this from any supermarket.

3. Lettuce
Lettuce have a tendency of being soggy easily after washing. And, since I prepare this the night before, what I did was to drain it well and wrap it with a paper towel.

4. Olive oil dressing
Very very simple also. Chopped garlic, squeeze a slice of lemon, fresh grounded pepper and salt and a generous amount of olive oil.

5. Tuna
For this, I used half can of tuna.

6. Fresh cucumber and tomatoes

That's it. Put them all together for your lunch. And, for big eater like me, I had another piece of sweet potato. I need to keep my energy till 6.30pm alright. 




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