Have you realized 人 are having more bad traits than the good ones nowadays?

Most of the time, I find myself shaking my head, thinking oh my god, what have the world turned into?

I didn't mean to say that I am a perfect 人. Well #confession, I just did a mistake and I'm sorry.

But, what's with the rage, self centred, and rude 人? 

As much as I did like to be kinder, be selfless, be open, sometimes it just drains so much positivity. That negativity consumes you faster than you know it.

I mean...

Why do you just so rudely cut in the lane without putting your indicators? #RageAndAccelerate #NotGivingWay

-1 Negativity

Why is the diners table and it's surrounding so dirty? #Disgusted I mean, do you need to make the public diner place to be so dirty? I don't think you eat that way at your own home. 

-1 Negativity

That little girl who rolled her eyes to her elders. #Disappointed

-1 Negativity

Human A assumes human B to take initiative when all these years it has been done that way. Well, if you want a change, can you communicate to human B?  So, that they know your thinking? #communicationfailure

-1 Negativity

You see, it's so easy listing negative than the positive ones. 

I hardly see good things around. Even if there is, I will give a doubt on it. I mean, does good things come freely? Confirm. Double confirm. Triple confirm. It's too good to be true. You see, how it has affected me. I also believe its a chain effect. Negative vibes spread to the others. Others too will do the same.

But, no matter how, I still believe in doing good to others. Not doing good enough now, but I try. 

Wish I had those positive vibes now. Currently, running low. 

#IntrovertModeOn #ConserveEnergy

You know what, self generated positive vibes takes a little more time to be formed. Spreading good vibes is way easier. 人, we need to do better than this.



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