Bento 8: Egg Mayo Sandwich + Potato Cheese Balls

Where all the items sound familiar and simple...

I would like to introduce the  of the Bento today. That would be PO-TA-TO CHEESE BALLS!

Which I think I can actually do better than this. Next time!

Who likes potatoes like I do? Put your hands up!

I can't never say no to potatoes. Name it. French fries, mash potatoes, potato wedges, potato salad, baked potatoes. You can never go wrong with potatoesss. Hmmm does that make me a minion? *thinks

Hahaha anyway, this potato cheese ball is really simple. Totally cheat proof.

I was browsing on Google searching for ways to cook a potato. I didn't want the simple mash potato nor the complicated croquette. Hahaha what am I trying to say?! Till I stumble onto this. Potato Oyaki. Super simple, just that she done it with beef filling while I substitute them with cheese slice.

Let me summarize for you on my cheat version, if you're too lazy to even hop over to the link. Boil the potato and peel of the skin. Smash it, add some corn starch, salt and pepper. Let it rest (as in cool down) for 30 minutes? Then, round and flatten each of them to place your desired filling, i.e. cheese? Round them up back, and pan fry them with sesame oil. And, you're done.

For the rest of the item in the Bento, I know you know how to prepare them. 



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