Bento 6: Egg Maki + Avocado

Almost end of the day! Did you think I gave up on my lunch box challenge? Hahaha was busy the whole day and nearly forgotten about posting my Bento.

My 9 piece sushi rolls (#cheatone) and avocado! Not wanting to self praise but, it's yummy. I think I'm good at this cooking stuff. Hehehe #laughshyly

Hahaha okok just kidding.

Avocado is like the most expensive fruit in the market. Usually priced at RM6.99/piece in the supermarket. But, in good times, it did be like RM2.99. Well, very much depend on if you're particular of where this avocado comes from. Got mine at RM3.50/piece and I thought, it's Dole... #calculativeaunty Oh dear, do I sound like an aunty? *sob

Continue my avocado story. If you cut them way before your eating time, it will oxidize. So, tip for you... Squeeze a slice of  lemon all over it. And garnish them with salt and pepper for taste. Done.

My sushi roll consists of fried egg (seasoned with salt and sugar), blanched carrot slice, and pickled radish (bought from Isetan).

Oh oh, and why I say #cheatone because I substituted sushi vinegar to chinese rice vinegar. Hahaha... Turns out my sushi vinegar expired for more then a year. I thought how bad can it be right? But, the color of the vinegar also changed. Well, better not. And and, the taste come out just right. #savemoneyonsushivinegar

Hahaha what shall I prepare later?



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