Bento 7: Tortilla Wraps with Black Pepper Beef Filling

This week's bento level up to another stage, where it requires more cooking in the night.

This also means more washing of cutlery too. But, I truly enjoy the process. 

I find it very therapeutic and eating what you have made successfully makes you even more satisfied.

Today's bento is pretty easy. Black pepper beef and mushroom wrapped in tortilla.

Fret not, this is the last you will hear of tortilla. HAHAHA. I am done with the whole packet, maybe not. one piece left. Didn't want to keep it too long, as it will get iced in the freezer, which will make it soggy faster when you put in room temperature.

The black pepper beef and mushroom is like super simple. You just seasoned the sliced beef with salt, freshly ground black pepper and soya sauce. Then, caramalised the diced red onion and stir fried all of them together. And, you're done.

When packing your bento, ensure that the food has cooled down before putting it into the fridge.

Today's special! Candied almond! I was browsing through the supermarket for it and, was like why you so expensive one?! And, when I went to look at the price of the raw almonds... I was like... Okay, let's do it yourself!

Well, it didn't turn out like what the recipe have described. Hold on, let me search you the link... here

It should look like the powdery sugary coated almond but instead, it crystallized within seconds and turned as hard as rock! Hahaha where did I go wrong? And, when recipe says prepare a baking sheet. Do prepare a baking sheet! You know why, the sugar stuck real hard on the plate and pot till I need to use hot water to melt it away. Nevertheless, the taste is there.

I add this candied almond to my overnight oats with banana. So, you have the cold pudding taste, sweet and crunchy taste. Quite refreshing like that.



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