Confidence versus Ego

Seems like Sunday night is always the time for deep thoughts.

A peaceful night to reflect what has happened throughout the week and embrace what could come next in the coming week...

I stumbled into this article.

I like reading articles like this. Whoever shares them on Facebook, I usually will read them.

It gives some sense of awareness to yourself. Are you on the right track? Are you being the good human or.. the bad one?

Anyway, remember to exercise caution as not all articles are bring the right message. Well, you know everyone can be a writer in the internet now. #whatamIdoingnow Hahaha

But... This article seem legit lar.

"Confidence is healthy, Ego is destructive"
Can't agree more on this statement.

People tends to get their confidence boost really easily these days and when it goes out of control, it turns to ego.

An ego minded person will totally turn people off real quickly. I totally despise them la.

And, to be honest, being a Leo (hahaha blaming the horoscope) I do too tend to have that arrogant and overconfident mindset. It's like in my blood. Hahaha without knowing, it automatically comes out. #remindsselftobehumble

Really. You might not feel your ego is stopping you from doing anything in school. But, when you enter into the working work / adulthood, you know it's not going to bring you far. Throughout our journey in life, I do really believe we need peoples' help.

People's experience in life, advice and presence. These are the "help" we need to help us grow, be more rational, be more open.




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