Mason Jar Meal 1: Fresh Instant Kimchi Noodle

My 12th day of 20 days lunch box challenge. #andgamestillgoingstrong *flexes arm emoji*

I actually ran out of ideas on what to pack for my lunch, suddenly I thought of those mason jar meals that was once popularly circulated over Facebook at one point of time.

You know, those very Pinterest kind, instagram worthy kind of Mason Jar meals.

Well, this is my version of it! #closeenough

My verdict on this: 
1. As pretty as it looks, its a little hard to dig out the food.
2. Your soup base needs to be really thick and flavorful.
3. A good solution if you crave for a warm meal for a change and, your office only have a hot water dispenser.

How to:
All you need to understand how Mason Jar Meal works is that you place your wettest ingredient first at the bottom and end it with the dry ones.

I didn't follow any recipes. Just all based on my estimation, which then result the soup's taste a little bland.. HAHAHA
1. I started of with a teaspoon of GoChuJang paste, which gives that spicy flavour.
2. Top with lots of KimChi.
3. Layered it with cooked chicken meat and fishball. I pan fried them with sesame oil, salt and pepper.
4. Followed by a few slice of tofu.
5. End it with cooked noodles.

Tip: Make sure all your ingredients cool down before stacking them or putting them into the fridge. Don't want them to get soggy.

It took me 30 minutes to get them done.

There you go, your meal is ready by adding hot water into it. The warm meal trick if your office doesn't have a microwave.

Ps: My face is poppin' them pimples. Is it the almonds? Omg. :(



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