Bento 5: Tortilla Wraps with Roasted Chicken Filling

Thank god is Friday!

But, nothing much to look forward to. Just got a little bummer thing that we will have a meeting till probably 7.30pm or so. #ThereGoesIntelectualFriday Hahaha same as TGIF yo! How creative. *Self praise*

Anyway, finally *sigh of relieve* I am down to the final lunch box for the week, which you all might notice that it is exactly the same ingredients for the past few days except for the chicken slices. Hahaha bored with it already. No more western theme lunch box please. I had enough of mayonnaise.

The whole ingredient repeat is due to a whole lettuce, a box of tomatoes and a packet of tortilla can actually last me and my family for more then a week. Hahaha #lunchboxfashiondisaster You know like how clothes should not be repeat so often. But, I'm being economical here. #pullshair

While you might recognize all the ingredients in there, the secret to a yummy tortilla wrap is the sauce. You can't have them with sauce. I think, you probably choked to death. It did be so dry. Imagine how are you going swallow them down.. Hahaha anyway...

Sauce consist of :
Mayonnaise + Olive oil + Lemon juice + Chopped garlic + Parmesan powder cheese + Salt + Pepper
No measurements, all up to your imagination of how you think it should be like. Hahahah.

I packed 2 pieces of tortilla, 4 leaves of lettuce, 6 tomatoes, chicken slices (a size of one side of a chicken breast), and for the sauce, approximately 2 tablespoons. This is for your reference. It should last me for 5 hours. HAHAHA.

Let's get back to work and have a nice weekend ahead. :)



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