Bento 10: Tofu Mushroom Balls + Salad

Here come's the weekend! 20 more minutes to go! 

Argh can't wait. Can't wait to do nothing at all. Can't wait to worry nothing at all. Can't wait to not think at all...*pause *gasp* I guess that's why there's so many brainless driver on the road on weekends. Hahahaha

Not sure whether it's just me? But, I encounter many drivers that drives really recklessly, whereby mostly it is on the weekends. *annoyed face* Did you face the same thing like I do? 

Anyway, today's bento coincidentally/ accidentally vegetarian.

Didn't know what to prepare till I saw solid tofu on the supermarket shelf. Hmmm... tofu balls, perhaps?

Here's the original No-Meat Balls recipe for your reference.

I only did with whatever ingredient I have. So, my tofu balls are like inspired one la. Taste wise.. Got the parent to nod their head. So, I guess good! I also think it's good. HAHAHA.

Well, in this recipe, instead of western mushroom, I used Chinese dried mushroom. And, instead of bread crumbs, I used biscuit crumbs. Hahaha I didn't want to buy ma, and I didn't know our kitchen ran out of breadcrumbs. We need to be adaptable la at times. Not only in recipes, but in life too ma. #gettingphilosophical haha

Summary on my inspired recipe (can make up to 16 balls):
1. Soak the 5 dried mushrooms ahead of time. Probably before you go out from the house in the morning.
2. Squash the 4 pieces tofu real fine (you want to be able to shape them round later) and squeeze  them dry by using the cheesecloth. *imaginethepersonyouwantcekikbutcant hahahaha
3. Slice the soaked mushroom, chop some garlic and shallot. Pan fry them and add some salt and pepper to taste.
4. Let them cool down. Then add in the squashed tofu, an egg, parsley, 2 pieces of Jacob biscuit, salt and pepper to taste.
5. Sprinkle your plate with flour. Start shaping them round and coat them with flour.
6. Pan fry them till golden brown. As it wasn't really firm, not sure if it will detached, I opt for this method of cooking.
7. Enjoy them with chili sauce.

Not that complicated right? Looked at the ingredients also so simple. Nothing fancy mancy.

A tip on thy salad, you can add slice almond. Add that crunchy texture.



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